Davenport elementary students learn to embrace “old school” dictionaries

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DAVENPORT-- These third graders at Jefferson Elementary School learn something new from something old.

After a short lecture from the Davenport Elks group, each student walks away with their very own book filled with words, a dictionary.

"It's great because I've never had another dictionary," says third grader Andre Bomar.

"They have the smart phones, the Chrome book tablets. We utilize that technology at Jefferson. For them to have something physical like a dictionary in their hands, that tactile piece, it makes things a little more real," says school administrative manager Casey Wyant.

Before now students didn't have to learn how to use one.

"Just showing them this is how it's really organized within that computer that they might not be aware of," says Wyant.

And while using a dictionary may seem old school to some, you can see students learn by just cracking open a book.

Even if it's a dictionary, a book filled with words, it's history that doesn't have to go out of style.

"A little history lesson in the making that this is what your parents were using, your grandparents," says Wyant.

The Elks group has been passing out dictionaries to third graders for years, and they say they will continue on with the tradition next year.

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