Scott County Republicans dinner focuses on tax reform and repealing Obamacare

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BETTENDORF - Nearly 300 people packed the Quad Cities Waterfront Convention Center, eager to hear from Iowa Senator Joni Ernst about what's happening in the United States senate.

One of the topics that circled the room was tax reform.

"One of the biggest disappointments to me last year was the fact that we did not get tax reform done," said Senator Jack Whitver, Iowa State Senate.

While Whitver hopes to pass a major tax reform on a state level, Iowa Senator Joni Ernst says she's confident that President Trump's tax reform plan will pass.

"I'm talking about getting it done this year, that's what the president expects from us and that's what we intend to deliver," said Ernst.

Under President Trump's plan, the number of tax brackets would be reduced from seven to three.

The standard deduction for married couples and individuals would double from $12,000 to $24,000.

The plan also slashes corporate tax rates form 35% to 20%.

"Our message is also very clear that tax reform is not only good for the employer but it is good for employees, it is good that our lower income and middle income wage owners will keep more of their hard earned dollars in their own pockets," said Ernst.

While Ernst was positive about tax reform she says the Affordable Care Act needs to be repealed.

"Obamacare is not all fine and I hear over and over again these calls that are coming into me," said Ernst.

The last attempt to replace it failed in the senate last month but Ernst says republicans will not give up hope in the fight for Iowa families.

Senator Ernst also talked about women politics in Iowa, she was the first female U.S. Senator to serve in the state and Governor Kim Reynolds is the first female governor in state history.

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