Rock Falls PD trying to figure out who’s been putting nails on random driveways

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repaired and cracked black asphalt with tree shadows

ROCK FALLS, Illinois — Police are trying to figure out who has been putting nails on residents’ driveways all over town.

In a post on Facebook, the Rock Falls Police Department said a group of young kids, ages 11 to 16, have been putting nails on random driveways since the summer.  Most of the incidents have happened during the overnight hours from Sunday evenings into Monday mornings.

Neighbors have installed cameras in an attempt to figure out who’s doing this; police said at least one of the kids has been seen on a scooter.

Police advised parents to help prevent this problem by checking on their kids during the overnight hours:

“PARENTS: If you are missing large amounts of NAILS recently, or your children have access to large amounts of nails please check on your children during the late hours to make sure they are home. We would assume that with the young age of these kids and the very late hour they are out roaming around, that their parents are not aware they have left the house.”

If you have any information, call the Rock Falls Police Department at 815-622-1140.

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