Sean Freese: “Do you have me on camera committing the crime?”

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DAVENPORT- Testimony is over in the Sean Freese murder trial, with the defense calling not one witness.

Freese, 21, is charged with first degree murder in the shooting deaths of both of his parents Kevin and Donna Freese last October.

Today, prosecutors showed the jury a videotaped interview with Freese and Davenport Detective Bill Thomas, where the then 20-year-old calmly denies any involvement in their deaths.

"If you want me to be honest, if I would do something like this, I would have taken their money, I would have taken their card, their credit cards, and all that. I would have left town," he said.

When Detective Thomas questions Freese about why he said he had left the house and not returned that night, yet, police had video of him returning in his SUV, Freese attempts to set the detective straight.

"My question to you is, you think that I killed them, and I know you have me on camera, leaving the house, but can you tell me something? Do you have me on camera committing the crime?", Freese asked.

When Thomas says no, Freese, replied, "Well, alrighty then."

Prosecutors say Freese shot his parents to death with an AR-15 rifle because he was annoyed by their rules, and attempts to stop him from sleeping until noon.

Prosecutors say tests show a fingerprint on the gun belonged to Freese, and the shorts that he wore that night had been stained by his father's blood.

On Thursday, prosecutors entered a recorded phone call into evidence, and played it for the jury. Freese called his friend Devin Munn from the Scott County Jail and said that he and his parents had gotten into an argument that night and he "snapped".

The jury should begin deliberations sometime on Monday.

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