‘You can’t go forward fearing what’s possible’: Concert-goers unbothered by heightened security at TaxSlayer Center

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MOLINE - Country fans were ready to enjoy a night of music at the Chris Stapleton concert Thursday night.

Before they could head in, security was outside the TaxSlayer Center letting them know about the new rules.

"Everything must be out of your pockets tonight so we can see it, check it out," said security guard.

The heightened security comes after the deadliest shooting in modern United States history in Las Vegas Sunday night at a country festival.

"It's scary but you know you just can't live in fear, gotta go and have fun and we've been looking forward to it for a long time," said Megan Masterson, concertgoer.

The country fans all had a different reason for going.

"It's his first concert so we're really excited to go," said Masterson.

"My wife bought me tickets for our anniversary," said Bryan Faur, concertgoer.

Each of the concert-goers were scanned with a metal detector and had any small bags checked.

"I understand it, it's a good idea but I feel totally safe, I'm excited to go in there," said Kacey Russell, concertgoer.

"It's very unfortunate but heightening security what are you really gonna get out of that, there's still guns, there's still people that have bad intentions," said Matthew Thomsen, concert-goer.

While the fans may not have entirely agreed on the security measures they all had one thing in common.

"My thoughts are love each other, take care of the people around you and if you see something that doesn't seem right don't be afraid to step in," said Thomsen.

"That's what Americans do that's why we're Americans, we come together in hard times," said Faur.

They were all focusing on the good.

"You can't go forward fearing what's possible you have to go excited for what's possible," said Russell.

Instead of worrying about what bad could happen.

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