Phone recording of accused killer Sean Freese : “I f—-ed up”

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DAVENPORT -- Hours after the murders of his parents, Sean Freese told a friend he had gotten into an argument with them and "just snapped."

Freese made many incriminating comments during a phone call from the Scott County Jail, just hours after his arrest for the killings.

"I know, I know I f---ed up," he told his friend Devin Munn, who lived a couple of houses down from the Freese family.

Two recorded phone calls made by Freese from jail on October 5th and October 6th were played for the jurors on Thursday during day three of his trial.

"We got into a huge argument, and I snapped. That was it," Freese said.

When asked if it was because his parents were cracking down on curfew, he said yes.

"That. Just everything. They've just been treating me poorly last night and I just couldn't take it," he said.

"Stay strong, I'll do my time and I'll be out. Sooner or later, I'll be out. I'm gonna see if I can plead insanity, because I'm not feeling well," he said.

He later asked his friend to visit him and bring him some money.

Earlier in the day, a forensic examiner with the Davenport Police Department read to the jury a series of text messages between Freese and his mother Donna.

She was frustrated because he was outside the house, asking to be let in.  It was after midnight. The then 20-year-old's curfew was 11:45 on weeknights.

"You're late," texted Donna Freese.

"Yea. I know. I have school work to do. Unlock the door, plz" Sean Freese wrote.

In his phone contacts as "Mommy", Donna Freese wrote, "Dad and I talked today. No more staying up all night and sleeping until noon."

"I'm tired of fighting," she texted. " If you want to live here, you're going to have normal hours. I'm tired of being sleep deprived," she wrote.

She let him in, and prosecutors say, it was some time later, both Donna and her husband Kevin, were shot dead in their bedroom.

The weapon? An AR-15 bought for Sean by his parents.

In the phone calls from the jail, Freese told his friend he was going to shoot his parents, and then kill himself, but "half of that worked out".

Freese had dropped out of high school, and was supposed to be working toward his G-E-D.

Testimony resumes Friday morning, with a police interview conducted with Freese shortly after he called 9-1-1 to report he found his parents dead upstairs, after returning from a McDonalds run.


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