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Paranormal society does more than just investigate ghosts

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DAVENPORT- Normally you think of a paranormal society at night, but a few hours after the sun comes up, the Rock Island Paranormal Society is still hard at work.

"Rock Island Paranormal is family friendly," member Nicole Conger said. "We like to have family friendly events."

The paranormal society investigates homes for weird activity, but during the day, they're cleaning up the oldest cemetery in Davenport.

"There has been a lot of mischief throughout the years with headstones being knocked over."

The city's problems date back to last year when at least six tombstones were knocked off their bases resulting in about $1,600 worth of damage.

"We had the fence a long time ago that was knocked over because of cars hitting it,"  Conger said. "We just want to make [the cemetery] nice again."

Their work at night may be fun, but it's this work during the day that's inspiring to new members like Tiffany Coss. Monday, October 2, Coss gave Conger $300 as part of the Pay It Forward award, for doing good things in the community.

Besides cleaning up the cemetery once a month, the group's also making sure 21 veterans who are buried at the cemetery actually have headstones. Some of these veterans served our country more than 150 years ago during the Civil and Spanish American Wars. Conger's reason for giving back to them is simple.

"They fought for our country," she said. "Some of them died for our country. Especially the veterans, need to have a headstone."

The Rock Island Paranormal Society is gearing up for a ghost hunters tour of Quarters One of the Rock Island Arsenal Friday, October 27 at 5:30 p.m. To see more information about the group and that event, click here.

If you know of someone doing great things in the community, consider nominating them for the Pay It Forward Program by clicking here.

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