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Gun show owner says ‘bump stocks’ are uncommon

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DAVENPORT -- Bump stocks, the gun modifiers that allow semi-automatic rifles to fire more quickly, likely won't be for sale this weekend at a Davenport gun show.

Mark Quade, who owns Big Bore Enterprise, organizes gun shows throughout Eastern Iowa. He said he's never seen a bump stock at one of his shows.

"They're kind of a trinket, a toy," said Quade. "It's something you take out, say, 'Oh, that worked. That was kinda cool,' then take it back off the gun, and it sits there for the rest of your life, goes in the garage sale."

On Thursday, the National Rifle Association announced its support for regulating the devices, which police say were used by the Las Vegas shooter. Bump stocks are added to a gun to make it fire faster, allowing semi-automatic rifles to function more like fully-automatic ones.

Quade says you don't often see bump stocks at gun shows because there is no market for them, and he doesn't expect to see any at his show in Davenport this weekend.

However, with recent media attention and the possibility of future legislation, Quade says a market for bump stocks may soon exist.

"I think that just because of the publicity of it, and curiosity of people. Everybody wants to play with something," said Quade. "And when you do find one, they'll probably be three times the price sticker than it really was."

The Big Bore Enterprise gun show runs Friday, October 6th, through Sunday, October 8th, at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds.

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