Prosecutors say Freese left murder weapon at parent’s slayings

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DAVENPORT- Testimony continued in the trial of a Davenport man accused of killing his own parents because he was sick and tired of their rules.

Sean Freese, 21, is charged with two counts of first degree murder for the deaths of Donna and Kevin Freese.

On Tuesday, a 9-1-1 called placed by Sean Freese just before 5am on the morning of October 5, 2016 was played for the jury, where he is crying and tells police, he has no idea who killed his parents.

Davenport Police Evidence Technician Brianna Anderson was on the witness stand for much of the day, identifying a gun prosecutors say was the murder weapon. The AR-15 they say, was a gift to Sean from his parents.

"It is a DP Panther Arms AR-15", said Anderson.

"There was a round of ammunition removed from the chamber and two rounds in the magazine," she said.

She said she collected the rifle from the dining room floor of the house, along with the gun's magazine, case, a black stocking cap, and six shell casings, along with a ripped tank top from the upstairs bathroom floor."

The couple had been shot "multiple" times in their upstairs bedroom.

Anderson said a fingerprint was found on the rifle, but made no mention of any identification. However, prosecutors in their opening statements said they will present evidence that it belongs to Sean Freese.

Prosecutors say Freese went to McDonalds after the slayings, and then called 9-1-1.

His defense attorneys maintain he was at the fast food restaurant when someone else killed the Freeses.

The prosecution could wrap up its case tomorrow.


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