‘Break the Cycle’ raises more than twice their goal for three Quad City social services agencies

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ROCK ISLAND - Tom Thoms, Tom Rowe, and Jim Millman biked the length of the Mississippi in 21 days starting in Itasca, Minnesota and ending in Venice, Louisiana.

"The hardest part was it was hot everyday, there was 90 degree heat," said Rowe.

It started out as a guys annual bike ride trip but turned into so much more. These guys set a goal to raise $42,000 in 21 days for Bethany for Children and Families, Child Abuse Council and Alternatives for Older Adults.

Each morning of the trip they shared stories of 21 families and their needs. They raised funds by using a GoFundMe page, social media and by receiving donations from people along the way.

"We'd go into a little bar at night for dinner and there was one place, Ike's bar, down in Dallas City, Illinois where the owner passed the hat and raised $248 in the bar for us," said Rowe.

The men all said they learned a lot during the three week trip.

They shared some funny moments including when Rowe ran into a garbage can, "I came up to the garbage can and went right around it and he didn't look and see, so it was my fault probably but were not saying that," said Millman.

Surrounded by community members, family and friends the bikers revealed they raised $108,494.

It was an emotional journey, raising more than twice their goal, with the money they will not only meet the needs of the 21 families they were biking for but many more.

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