Quad City residents weigh in on gun debate

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MOLINE - It's all anyone can talk about right now.

"Another one, literally that was my first reaction was another one," said Michael Battaglia.

The mass shooting at a music festival in Las Vegas that killed more than 50 people and injured hundreds of others.

"It's horrible you just can't imagine that people can go off that way," said Tom Waggoner.

"I feel so sad for all those people in the concert and going there to enjoy and not expecting that to happen," said Sue Nelson.

People we talked to say shootings have become almost normalized, from Sandy Hook and Pulse Night Club, to several other shootings. Every time a shooting happens, it poses the question, what should be done?

"How many people have to be killed at one time before our legislatures say okay this is enough," said Nelson.

And every time, it becomes a debate on gun control.

Some Quad City residents we talked to think there need to be stricter laws.

"We shouldn`t have to have someone using some machine guns, I mean who needs that? The army needs it, we don`t need it," said Nelson.

"You don`t need a machine gun in someone`s house you don`t need more than one gun in a household one person does not need more than one gun," said Battaglia.

While others disagree, "I don`t know that there`s anything you can do besides enforcing what`s there. There`s already background checks, there`s things that are in place to try to prevent unstable people from having access to having weapons," said Waggoner.

Whatever the right solution may be, people know it won't be the last shooting and it won't be the last time for this discussion.

"It sucks to say this but it's going to blow over until the next shooting happens," said Battaglia.