How to use social media to find a job

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DAVENPORT - You can guarantee you'll find Courtnie Reeder scrolling through websites.

"Four days a week I`m looking online if there`s something new," said Reeder.

Reeder is a recent college graduate and has been on the hunt for a job. Besides looking at job sites, she uses social media to find a job or connect with employers.

"Facebook and Twitter it does allow you to like or follow their employer pages to where you can learn about new hires or just any news about their company," said Reeder.

Over at Iowa Works in Davenport, employment and training counselor Christine Caves says out of all the social media platforms, job seekers should use LinkedIn.

"You can market your skills, you can reach out to businesses, you can connect directly with human resource professionals on Linkedin. They can see your credentials as you have a resume built into your profile," said Caves.

LinkedIn also gives people the advantage of knowing about jobs sooner, "There`s what they call a hidden job market, businesses are busy and sometimes they don`t know they're looking to fill a position until they meet a candidate that has great qualities and work experience. A hidden job market can be discovered by marketing yourself and building your professional network," said Caves.

While Facebook and Twitter can be helpful sometimes, Caves doesn't recommend using them to find a long-term job.

"I wouldn`t recommend maybe Facebook or Twitter if you`re looking for something more permanent, something of quality something that`s going to provide wages that are in alignment with your skills and your experience," said Caves.

Social media has proven it's not going away anytime soon, so the more you know how to use it the better off you are.

"Social media is everywhere and if you're sophisticated and you use it intelligently to access that hidden job market you will reap the benefits of that," said Caves.

For Courtnie, she's taking full advantage of it, while patiently waiting for the perfect job.