Moline man shocked after job training center for veterans shuts down

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GARLAND, Texas- A Moline, Illinois man is one of more than 300 veterans left in the dark after a job training school they paid for through the GI bill abruptly shut its doors.

"Three weeks before graduation, we were told goodbye. They sent a senior instructor around to each class and he just came in front of the school and said, 'I need everyone to pack your bags, the schools been officially shut down and everyone needs to vacate the premises' ," said Dallas Wild, who had enrolled in the career center after hitting dead ends looking for a decent paying job in the Quad Cities.

The Retail Ready Career Center catered to veterans interested in a career in heating and air conditioning.

"They called and offered us a $23 dollar an hour job after we got out, guaranteed job placement," said Wild.

Tuition was $21,000 for the six week program, which included food, lodging, and round-trip air-fare. Most tuition bills were paid through the GI bill.

The Department of Veterans Affairs is investigating the job training center for unknown reasons.

The owner John Davis, is seen on video telling the students that the investigation was launched after a former employee who embezzled money from a school fund went to authorities.

Wild says he had hoped to graduate so that he could find a better job in the Quad Cities, and is uncertain what happens next.

"I spent 30 minutes on the phone with the VA. It seems they don't want to hand out information because of the investigation. Everyone is in the dark. I plan on trying to find a local company that supports vets that will give me a shot," he said.

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