Monmouth College makes their own ‘Scots Coffee’ on campus

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MONMOUTH, Illinois - Tomorrow might be National Coffee Day but at Monmouth College, they're taking their love for coffee to a new level.

Java, a cup of joe, coffee, whatever you want to call it, people must have it. For some, it's the only way they can start their day.

Students at Monmouth College are appreciating the drink for more than just the flavor and caffeine, but the science of it, by making it themselves.

"Everyone plays an important role in it. It's a very small group of people and we all do our best to keep it running functionally," said student Brandon Allen.

The coffee program started eight years ago and now the college has roasted nearly two tons of it.

All of the students get a different experience out of it.

Students are involved in sourcing the fair-trade beans. roasting, packaging and distributing the coffee. The college gets the beans from a company that sources the beans from independent farmers in South America.

Art students developed the Scots Roast logo and marketing students developed a marketing campaign.

"Sometimes it gets them to buy it because I can tell them we get the coffee beans here and then we roast them ourselves," said Tara Sturgeon, a student.

"My mom has tried Scott`s roast and she loves it," said student Annie Axup.

The college hopes to expand the program to tea or even hot chocolate. Right now, it's working on getting their coffee at the farmer's market.