U.S. Border Patrol on University of Iowa campus causes concern for DACA students

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IOWA CITY-- Some might not notice the cars but others, like DACA students, immigration advocates, and undocumented immigrants, do.

On September 26th sightings of U.S. border patrol cars were seen in Iowa City around the university's campus. 

This created confusion and panic among the community.

"I've gotten hundreds of messages from people all over the community both the University of Iowa community and in the surrounding community talking about people needing to stay safe," said Emiliano Martinez, president of Hawkeyes for Dream Iowa.

University of Iowa officials state they were not there for any enforcement reasons. They were there for recruiting purposes as part of the university's job fair to build awareness for career opportunities. 

"I understand they're looking for people to pursue in those federal agencies," says Martinez.

But he says the University should have taken into consideration the impact it would have on it's DACA students and the rest of the community.

"To this community...it's terror and it's awful and it's not what people need to be focused on right now," says Martinez.

He hopes this will create a dialogue between DACA students and the University.

"It was something that was overlooked, but it's something that we need to have a better conversation about," says Martinez.

This happens just after weeks of students rallying in support for DACA students on campus, with roughly 700 students protesting the ending of DACA.

The University also stated they stood with those students impacted by the termination of DACA.


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