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Jogging strollers recalled due to fall hazard

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A fall hazard has prompted a nationwide recall of “J is for Jeep” brand strollers.

About 28,000 of these cross country all-terrain jogging strollers have been pulled from shelves, according to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The strollers, which are made by Delta, have a leg bracket that can break and cause a child to fall out of the stroller.  There have been four reports of this happening, according to the CPSC statement, “including one report of a child falling from a stroller and receiving cuts and bruises.”

Target, Walmart, and other stores carried these strollers from August of 2015 through August of 2016.

Here is where the manufacturer label is located

You can find the impacted model numbers below.  The model number and lot number are printed on a Delta Children label with a blue heart at the left bottom frame support.

If you have one of these strollers, you are urged to immediately stop using them and contact Delta for a free repair.  Call Delta at 800-377-3777.

Model Number Color Lot Number(s)
11988-835 Orange inside/Green outside and Black CH15083, CH15084, CH15085, CH15086, CH15087, CH15088, CH15089, CH15095, CH15123, CH15124, CH15125, CH15126, CH15127, CH15128, CH15157, CH15158, CH15173, CH15174, CH15185, CH15186, CH16045, CH16046, CH16047, CH16048, CH16052, CH16053, CH16054, CH16055, CH16056, CH16074, CH16084, CH16085, CH16086, CH16087, CH16088, CH16089, CH16090, CH16091, CH16092, CH16093, CH16094, CH16095, CH16096, CH16097, CH16098, CH16099


11988-340 Green and Black CH15203, CH15217
11988-436 Blue and Black CH15143
11988-656 Pink and Black CH15144
11988-838 Orange and Black CH15145
11988-0261 Grey and Black CH16025
11998-0251 Grey and Black CH16026
11998-314 Green and Black CH15165, CH16006
11998-439 Blue and Black CH15055, CH15057, CH15058, CH15059, CH15060, CH15061, CH15063, CH15064, CH15065, CH15139, CH15140, CH15150, CH15159
11998-678 Pink and Black CH15166, CH16007
11998-850 Orange outside/Grey inside and Black CH15211, CH15212, CH15213, CH15214, CH15215, , CH16024, CH16044


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