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Franklin Elementary School fire displaces students for at least a week

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MOLINE - School will be closed for the rest of the week for students at Franklin Elementary School after a fire damaged the building.

4th grader Macy spent her day playing games on her tablet instead of sitting inside a classroom learning.

"I`d be doing social studies," said Macy.

Sunday morning firefighters arrived at Macy's school, Franklin Elementary to find smoke coming from the building.  Macy's grandmother saw the whole thing.

"As soon as he opened the door you could hear the alarm going on from inside and then shortly thereafter you could see smoke coming out," said Macy's grandmother, Pat Gormanly.

Inside the school, there's smoke and water damage.

"It's been very challenging, very emotional many students were here yesterday many of the teachers were here. It`s a big loss," said principal, Michele Pittington.

The District's superintendent, Lanty McGuire, says they believe the fire was caused by an electrical issue. Now the district has to find a spot to fit 270 of its student plus staff.

"We`re looking at all different kinds of options to find a building. If somebody volunteers to let us use their building where we can set up classroom space. I know some of the churches have volunteered some parts of their buildings but our goal is to try to keep this building whole," said McGuire.

Not to mention replacing all the supplies that were inside. For some of the teachers, it's years' worth of supplies they bought and collected that are now gone.

"These teachers put a lot of their heart and soul into developed materials and bought materials outside of what the district has bought so all that stuff is pretty much shot right now," said McGuire.

For Macy she just wants to get back inside a class, wherever that may be, "As long as we still get to be able to learn somewhere I guess then I`ll be happy."

People in the community are helping. One Moline student has started a gofundme page to help raise money for supplies. Also, the Moline High School Volleyball team is collecting donations at their game Tuesday night, September 26th.

Tonight, the district will hold a meeting for parents to update them on the situation. It will be at Woodrow Wilson Middle School starting at 7:30 p.m.


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