End of the heat in sight; storms possible this afternoon

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One more day of extreme heat today with temps rising up to 90 degrees. It will be hot enough that a few schools are even letting out early.

And there won't be much wind movement to stir things up, so it will feel every bit as hot as it has in the previous few days. The end of the heat is in sight though. Later this afternoon, while it's oppressively hot here, it will be in the 40s with rain in Nebraska. That cold front will sweep through sometime late Tuesday. By Wednesday, our temperatures will be in the lower 70s for highs.

As far as rain? We sure do need it! And there's a potential later today. Showers and thunderstorms will be likely for areas west of Iowa City today. Being on the edge, we could see a few isolated storms develop even into Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois. Should we get a storm or two, some gusty wind are possible. In addition, heavy rainfall is possible...especially since the storms won't be moving very fast at all. Widespread severe weather is not anticipated, but storm trends will need to be monitored.


-Meteorologist Eric Sorensen

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