Quad City Marathon officials work to beat the heat for Sunday’s race

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MOLINE-- It's going to be a hot day for Quad City Marathon runners on Sunday with temperatures peaking into the 90's.

"The race is gonna be starting in the upper 60's or lower 70's, that’s pretty hot already for a long distance race," says Joe Moreno, Race Director.

The heat is causing concern for race officials, so they're taking extra precautions. There will be additional volunteers and extra hydrating stations.

"We got some new stations we've never had...ice stations and freezer stick stations," says Moreno.

Runners are also being asked to not focus too much on their finish times and to not push themselves too hard.

"We want everyone to have a good time and not worry about the clock," says Moreno, "it's gonna be very hot, and we’re hoping many consider downsizing from the marathon to the half or from the half to the relay or the 5K.

He says even the most experienced runner can't outrun the heat.

"I'm definitely racing more for place than time in conditions like this," says second time Q-C Marathon runner Pat Jenkins.

Jenkins says it's important to listen to the signals you're body is telling you during the race.

"You just gotta really pay attention...getting water in and not overdoing it," says Jenkins.

Last year the race had thousands turn out for the marathon but are expecting the numbers to drop from the heat.

Race officials say to try and beat the heat next year they will start the race a half an hour earlier at 7 instead of 7:30 a.m.