Iowa vet runs across state to raise awareness for PTSD

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BURLINGTON, Iowa - It was a gathering to meet a man they've heard so much about so much about.

"It's kind of started on Facebook and snowballed into something we were really interested in making sure we were able to be a part of," said Danielle Liechty.

The masked man running around the state of Iowa.

"What he`s doing, it just speaks volumes to us that he`d go out and do this," said Sandman, State Rep for the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association.

Behind the mask is Josh Jorgensen, an Iowa native, and Iraq veteran.

"I know he certainly deals with memories and visions and things he just can`t erase and he has been able to turn that around for good, by running," said Jorgensen's aunt, Laurie Edwards.

Jorgensen is running for people like Liecthy.

“I’ve been battling PTSD and we’ve all been down that road," said Liechty.

And the many others who can't share their story.

20 veterans every day lose their lives from suicide.

Friday night, people gathered outside Big Muddy's restaurant to greet Jorgensen as he crossed the finish line.

After ten long days of running, Jorgensen ran right to the river to cool off, "I feel fantastic. I`ve never been so excited to see the Mississippi River in my life," said Jorgensen.

He's creating awareness along the way.

"Not only to people outside the realm of PTSD but also the people that are suffering from PTSD and refuse to see it and to not look at it as a weakness," said Jorgensen.

As well as giving hope to others, proving no matter how bad the days are, you can make it to the end.

"There is a finish line no matter how dim or bleak it seems you can always make it through that day," said Liechty.

Jorgensen plans on taking a little break but says he has a lot of other ideas he wants to do to raise awareness.