Tulsa cat becoming famous for snatching money for charity

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TULSA, Oklahoma -- Have you heard of "CASHnip Kitty"? He's a playful cat who's made recent headlines for snatching money and donating it to the less fortunate.

If you're ever walking in the East Village District area of Tulsa, keep an eye out for this sign that's posted at a marketing firm called GuRuStu:

Warning sign for the door, image from GuRuStu Facebook page

The cat pictured on the sign's name is "Sir Whines A Lot," according to a report by KOTV.  His owner said one day they noticed someone had been playing with the cat by slipping money through a crack in the door.  Since the cat seemed to enjoy playing with money through the door, the owners decided to turn the game into a fundraiser.

"Sir Whines A Lot" has now earned the alias "CASHnip Kitty."

All the money that CASHnip Kitty earns is donated to The Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless. 

In late August CASHnip Kitty even got his own Facebook page.

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