Rock Island County leaders send Snowstar proposal back down for improvements, approve plans for Loud Thunder

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ROCK ISLAND -- Questions still remain about plans to rezone Snowstar in order to let the business operate year round.

Rock Island County leaders voted Tuesday, September 19, to send the proposal back down to a lower committee due to some issues that remain with the plan.

Residents near the ski park have shown concerns about increased traffic, dust in the summer, and whether or not it poses a safety hazard.

Officials say it could be two months before the committee reaches a final decision.

The plans for Snowstar may not be finalized but plans for Loud Thunder are moving forward.

County leaders approved plans to spend millions of dollars on new improvements, starting with Lake George.

The plans also call for camping upgrades and a new RV campsite.

The county will take our bonds to cover the cost of the work.

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