Hundreds of Iowa National Guard soldiers heading overseas

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IOWA -- Hundreds of soldiers from the Iowa National Guard got the call this week that they're heading overseas.

Roughly 390 members of the 248th Aviation Support Battalion are mobilizing in the next couple of weeks.

It's the largest single unit deployment  for the Iowa Guard since 2010.

It's unknown where they're headed but according to a Guard spokesperson, they have a lot to offer.

"This is a tremendously skilled unit. You're talking about soldiers that have so many different tools, if you will, in the toolbox. Whether it's flying aircraft or maintaining them, refueling, medical and logistical support, these soldiers really are incredibly talented at what they do and we expect great things from this battalion." said Col. Greg Hapgood.

Sendoff ceremonies will be held in Davenport, Muscatine, Waterloo, and Boone two weeks from today.