Resident says his apartment at a Moline complex is unlivable

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MOLINE - Paul Smith thought he found a good home when he moved into his Pheasant Ridge apartment in May, 2017.

Smith says this apartment was his last resort because he lives on social security and the rent at his old place went up, making it too expensive to afford.

He suffers from heart problems and cancer, taking multiple medications, but now says living in his apartment at Pheasant Ridge hasn't been good for his health.

"At first I thought it'd be alright, about a day or two the mold started in," said Smith.

Smith says he was promised a new apartment and wouldn't be able to see the place until he moved in.

His friend Carly says move-in day wasn't what they expected.

"From the get, it had problems but this is a problem they can't, they can't stay around," said Carlyanne Tygart, friend.

Carly says there were roach motels left on the sink, cracks in the floor, but the big issue is when they found a leak in the ceiling, soaking wet carpet and possible mold.

"They came in, the maintenance man said yep this is a health hazard, I got to get this mold out of here now," said Tygart.

Smith's caretaker tells us she went to a doctor after she says she got sick and gave a note from the doctor asking the complex to fix the problems.

News 8 talked with management at Pheasant Ridge Apartments who says they are researching the matter but would not give any comment asking us to contact their San Antonio office.

News 8 called the San Antonio office and had to leave a message for management, so far, neither News 8 or Smith have heard back.

Smith has decided to break his lease early and has to be out by September 20th, he's still looking for an affordable place to live.