Cubs fans surprised after receiving “thank you” notes from Kris Bryant

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CHICAGO, Illinois-- Cubs star Kris Bryant and his new bride and surprising fans who helped make their wedding day extra special.

When Kris and Jessica Bryant's wedding registry was leaked online earlier this year, dozens of die-hard Cubs fans rushed to Crate and Barrel to buy them a gift. Now, those fans are getting hand-written "thank you" notes in return.

Patrick from Wisconsin sent the couple some rice bowls and found this note in his mailbox. It's written by Jessica and signed by Kris, too,  with the message "Go Cubs Go!"

Brian and Lou from Chicago got a note for the soup bowl they sent.

And John and Lauren from New York were thanked for their sauce pan.

Dozens of fans all got similar notes, and are sharing their excitement online, posting on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Others are speaking out. "I was like, that's Jess Bryant, wife of Kris Bryant," Pastor Kevin Devries remembers. "I read the whole this and I started screaming like, 'No way!' I got a thank you note signed by Kris Bryant!"

Maria Yaghoubi, a Cubs fan from New York, was just as elated. "A handwritten note, specified gift that we had gotten them," she says. "It was a very pleasant surprise and humbling to see they're so down-to-earth.

The notes have gone viral now, and fans who got them say it's gestures like this that are the reason they love the Cubs: a team with class and character.

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