New proposed parking rules for Downtown Moline may change to save drivers money

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MOLINE-- No matter how long you stay, parking in downtown Moline can be a challenge.

Just ask Laura Knox, an employee at Cruz Cutz.

"I've been here for over a year, and I've paid three sets of $90 tickets," says Knox.

She says during her work week she lives a real life parking nightmare.

"You have to worry about it all the time. You have to set an alarm on your phone to move," says Knox.

Other workers feel it too.

"My in store business is down. It's down. They can go to Hobby Lobby or Target and pull into a parking spot and have no problems. Why can't they do that here?" says Sally Mcgee, owner of Julie's Artistic Rose.

Right now most downtown parking is good for two hours. After that you get a ticket.

The city might now add a 15-minute grace period, give a warning for the first offense, and allow drivers to move from spot to spot once their time is up.

If the changes are made, the city would get about $30,000 less a year in ticket revenues.

"For customers, it's a start," says Mcgee.

But workers want to see longer-term parking for their customers to encourage them to spend more time and money downtown.

"It should be three hours everywhere. You can get your hair done and have lunch," says Mcgee.

They also want a more convenient spot reserved for employees working downtown.

"Just like having employee parking somewhere where we can go. We're just here to work and help the city," says Knox.

The changes will be presented to Moline City Council at next week's meeting.