Small towns combine to give us big cheers for The Score Pre-Game Pep Rally

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ONEIDA, Illinois – The Mid-County Cougars were full of excitement for week #3 of The Score Pre-Game Pep Rally!

The lights were bright as early as 4:30 a.m., visible for up to 8 miles to the north. And just after 5:00 a.m., hundreds of people showed up to show the entire region how much school spirit is alive in northern Knox and southern Henry County. On Friday, September 8th, we were at ROWVA High School, which stands for the Knox County communities of Rio, Oneida, Wataga, Victoria, and Altona. What’s so interesting about this high school is, it co-ops its high school football team with two other high schools, Galva and Williamsfield. The high school football team for the three schools is the Mid-County Cougars. So I guess this Pep Rally was three-in-one.

The band, cheerleaders, and students sure were ready for excitement! Usually the loudest thing in Oneida, Illinois are passing freight trains. This morning, the roar of the crowd was enough to get the whole town awake!

Our sign contest was another big hit! And we had plenty of prizes to give away thanks to MC Sports & More in Galesburg and Monmouth and Anderson State Bank in Oneida. There was even a sign made from a boy, asking a girl to Homecoming!

It was definitely a fine time in Oneida… kicking it up a notch for this week’s The Score Pre-Game Pep Rally. I think it’s safe to say, a good time was had by all!

Still unsure? Check out the video clips below: