Rock Island native Madison Keys’ legacy still inspiring young players today

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MOLINE-- That powerful forehand and back hand nine-year-old Srivishnu is throwing down didn't happen overnight.It took practice. But Vishnu has more motivation than most, he has Madison Keys, a role model from his town.

"I look up to her," says Srivishnu Sugumaran.

Keys is now ranked 15th in the world, and just advanced to the finals of the US Open.

Vishnu saw Keys when she came back to the Quad City Tennis Club back in 2015. That's the last time News 8 sat down with the star. Keys returns to the Quad Cities to give back to the place where she got her start at tennis.

"It brings back memories of when I was seven-years-old and coming over on a Saturday morning for clinics," says Keys.

It's something that really hits home for young players.

"It's crazy. There's someone who's ranked 15th in the world. She was on these courts," says Sugumaran. "When I get older I want to play tennis, then I want to work as a meteorologist. So play tennis, then be a meteorologist."

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