Florida woman escapes Hurricane Irma, heads to hometown in Quad Cities

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MOLINE, Illinois-- It was a sigh of relief for some on the airplane heading from Atlanta, Georgia to Moline, Illinois.

Some people on that plane were escaping the hurricane that could hit any day now.

Sherry Lyford was one of them.

She fled to her hometown in the Quad Cities with just a few belongings and her dog Cooper.

"All I really cared about was getting my dog and myself and making sure my friends got out," says Lyford.

As Hurricane Irma grew, so did Lyfords fear, leaving her no choice but to leave her retirement home in Fort Myers beach.

"It makes a lump in your throat and you go from a little bit concerned to very scared to close to panic and you don't want to get to panic," says Lyford.

But getting a to the Quad Cities wasn't so easy for her. Thousands like her were trying to escape the category 5 hurricane before it hits.

"As the predictions got worse and it went from a 4 to a 5 it was like...everybody really needs to get out," says Lyford.

While looking for a flight out of Florida, she realized they were all booked in her area.

"It was quite the ordeal to get out, all the flights were taken, cars were already rented out," says Lyford.

Luckily she managed to find a friend driving and heading towards Atlanta. From there she booked a flight to Moline.

Once she arrived, her sister stood at the gate to welcome her home.

"It's a hard thing I mean you have to keep from crying sometimes you know it's very stressful," says," Lyford.

Now that Lyford is safely away from the monster hurricane she sends prayers to those who couldn't evacuate.



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