Surveillance video shows Rock Island man walk in on burglary in progress

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ROCK ISLAND-- This video is a burglar realizing he's caught on tape. He sees the security camera, gets up close, and pulls it out of the wall to try to protect his identity. This was the scene inside Vander Vending Sunday night.

"He ended up stealing about $600 in coins and some tools," says Rock Island Lieutenant Tim McCloud.

Two burglars seen on tape that night, but only one was seen by Russell Christ,  vice chairman of the Rock Island County GOP.

The GOP office is attached to Vander Vending.

He came down to the office Sunday night to pick up supplies for the Labor Day parade.

"All of a sudden somebody said hello, who are you? I said I'm with the Rock Island County Republicans, and I came to pick up a tote, who are you?" remembers Christ.

The unknown man claimed to be part of the cleaning crew.

Without thinking anything of it, Christ got on with his business, wished the man well and left. It wasn't until he was half way home when it hit him something wasn't right.

"I just felt after we were out of here that, that's just not right. There's something really awry here," says Christ.

He called 9-1-1.

"Once they got caught, they probably ducked out pretty quick," says Lt. McCloud.

The two burglars got away before police arrived.

"If you interrupt a burglary in progress, your personal safety is the most important. That's the priority here," says Lt. McCloud.

Police say Christ did the right thing without even knowing it. He got to safety, then he called police.

"You never know what someone else is capable of. You never know if they have a weapon," says Lt. McCloud.

They also say his actions most likely stopped the bad guys from taking off with even more stolen property.

Police are still looking for the two suspects.

If you have any information, contact the Rock Island Police Department.


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