Texas shelter dogs searching for homes in the QC after Hurricane Harvey

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COAL VALLEY, Illinois-- Nine spots at Mallard Pointe Kennels are marked saved for the ones who need saving.

"That's what their duties will be, giving them extra love and attention," says Mallard Pointe Kennels owner Blair Williams.

After riding in the K-9 rescue caravan, the rescues are welcomed with open arms and open hearts.

Local volunteers made the more than 3,000 mile trek to Texas to save the dogs from Texas shelters inundated with animals from Hurricane Harvey. The nine dogs brought to the Quad Cities were previously in a shelter before Harvey hit, but because there are so many lost and rescued pets, shelters need space for them so owners can hopefully come find them.

"It was packed. They had U-Haul after U-Haul of food and supplies. Every time you turned around, there was a kennel filled with cats and dogs," says K9 Kindness Rescue volunteer Heather James.

The dogs will temporarily stay at Mallard Pointe Kennels.

"These are luxury hotels for these dogs. What they were in is not this. And the shelter was not horrendous. They were overwhelmed," remembers James.

The volunteers did their jobs. They made the trip to pick up the dogs, and now they are housing them.

"It's the least we can do. We just have the space, so we'll give them space and love until they can get into a home," says Williams.

And now it's up to the community to step up and do theirs.

"I hope they get a big comfy couch to lay on, belly rubs, bellies filled with food. We need fosters," says James.

Saved, and in a better place. But the dogs are not completely out of the storm yet.

If you or anyone you know wants to foster or adopt, contact Debbie Fraker from K9 Kindness Rescue. You can email her at debbie@k9kindnessrescue.org .

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