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Moline police join national #9PMRoutine to battle vehicle burglaries

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MOLINE — In response to a summer full of vehicle thefts and burglaries, the majority of which were unlocked and many of which had keys in them, police here are hoping a new social media campaign can help people improve their car-security habits.

The Moline Police Department is joining #9PMROutine,  a nationwide social media campaign,  which reminds everyone to lock vehicles, secure valuables and lock your residences at 9 p.m. every night.

In 2017 alone, the departments has received 153

This year the Moline Police Department has received 153 reports of burglary to motor vehicles and in 145 of the incidents the vehicles were unlocked when they were burglarized. Police recommend never leaving valuables or firearms in vehicles, even if they are locked.

“By joining in the #9PMRoutine, you lock your vehicles each night, secure your valuables and lock your residence prior to going to bed,” read a release from the department. “In doing so, we eliminate the opportunity for burglars who often seek easy, unlocked targets.”

The Moline Police Department will provide updates via social media to remind everyone to participate. Look for us on Facebook at Moline Police Department and on Twitter @MolinePolice.