Cedar Point residents making due with limited water due to well failure

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CEDAR POINT, Illinois — Residents of this small village south of LaSalle-Peru are being asked to conserve water and boil any used for human consumption, due to a blockage in the town’s well.

Cedar Point Mayor Lance Korter said the problem began when a pump in the very deep, very old well had to be replaced. The 1,750-foot-deep well dates back to 1912, he noted. During an attempt to replace a malfunctioning pump, part of the well’s casing broke, causing a blockage, meaning crews could not get a new pump in place.

Now, the 279-person village is depending on water shipped in via tanker trunk from nearby Standard, Illinois, to keep faucets running at limited pressure.

“I can’t say enough about the help we’ve received from Standard,” Korter said, pointing out that every couple of days, new tankers must be brought in, that water treated and then distributed. There is a meeting scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 5 to discuss options to fix the problem, but in all likelihood, a new well will have to be dug, the mayo said.

“We can’t afford to thrown $100,000 down that well and have it break down again,” he said.

In the meantime, residents are asked to use as little water as possible and to boil “any water that will touch your lips.”