Iowa Hy-Vee employees drive 35 hours to rescue dogs stranded after Hurricane Harvey

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa– As people across the country are pitching in to help ease the suffering brought on by Hurricane Harvey. Some are traveling to Texas, to help not just people, but animals, too.

Two Hy-Vee employees from Cedar Rapids drove 35 hours to Houston and back, rescuing about a dozen dogs.

The dogs arrived back in Iowa Thursday morning and are staying with foster families in the area until they’re adopted.

The volunteers are leaving for another trip tomorrow to get more dogs.

They say that as the water recedes in Texas, the need will only grow.

“Everybody needs help,” volunteer James Jacobs explains.

“When someone’s in need, when you’re part of different groups, when you’re part of a community, when you’re part of a bigger community, which is every state that we live in and every group that we have that helps out with animals, you kind of have to jump in and do your part if you can.”

There is a chance many of the flood dogs still have owners looking for them. But many of the shelters in Texas are overloaded right now, and are in need of immediate help.

The Iowa volunteers are pulling dogs that have been in shelter for awhile to make room for newly-rescued dogs from the hurricane aftermath.

You can find more information on how to rescue or foster a flood dog here.