Augie students find high level lead risk areas in Davenport and Bettendorf

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DAVENPORT-- Don't be alarmed if you see students up and down the streets of Davenport checking out homes.

They're going door to door to check homes for signs of lead paint.

"We're looking at windows to foundation, condition of the yard to give us an idea of what could be on the inside of the home," says Ben Bruster.

This is the second year Augie students have partnered up with Scott County Health Department to reduce child lead poisoning. In 2016, 37 children were poisoned by lead in Scott County.

Students have surveyed more than 3000 homes.

"We're really focused on those high risk areas," says Michael Reisner, Augustana College and Director of the  Upper Mississippi Studies Center.

They've found that homes in West Davenport and some parts of Bettendorf are at higher risk for lead paint.

Back in 1978 lead paint use was banned but more than 41,000 homes in Scott County contain lead.