Meet the Bettendorf five-year-old with a big heart who’s helping Hurricane Harvey victims

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DAVENPORT-- A.J. Lopez can't read yet. But he doesn't have to know spelling to know when someone needs help.

"He just, out of nowhere, said I want to help everybody in Texas because there are babies in wet diapers," explains A.J.'s mom Christina Ogle.

A.J. has a six-month-old brother named Matthew. So when he saw images of first responders helping babies on the news, the flood in Texas suddenly hit all the way home.

"He's very aware wet diapers need to be changed, and he said we need to do something," says Christina.

The disaster is hard to comprehend for a five-year-old. But it's his heart that's in the right place.

"That a five year old can make such a difference? I'm proud to be his mom," says Christina.

A.J. may be small, but that doesn't matter. He collected hundreds of dollars in less than an hour.

We can all learn something from the little boy just practicing his ABC's.

No matter where you are, no matter who you are, if we just try anyone can make a difference.

All of A.J.'s donations will go to the Red Cross efforts in Texas.

If you wish to donate, contact Christina Ogle on Facebook.