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Quad City efforts to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey

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DAVENPORT - King's Harvest Pet Rescue is working to bring dogs to the Quad Cities from the devastation in Texas.

In order to do that, they need help from the community. The shelter only has 15 kennels and very little space for more dogs, so they need people in the community to step up to foster animals.

Brianne Jenkins went to the shelter on Monday after seeing the shelter's post on Facebook.

"I've been following all the heart breaking stories you're seeing of dogs being stranded and separated from their owners," said Jenkins.

The shelter says they'll provide all the animal supplies to people who sign up to foster.

"I just felt pretty passionate about it and figured it's a temporary solution... it offers a nice rescue for them until they're able to be reunited," said Jenkins.

The shelter isn't the only place looking to help those affected, Chuck's Tap has a bucket on the bar to collect donations.

"If you can donate a dollar, donate a dollar, if you can donate a penny, you donate a penny, all that money will help someone, somewhere down there," said Linda Galloway, Chuck's Tap.

Galloway is calling on other bar owners in the Quad Cities to do the same, "If every bar around town would put one jar on the bar and collect $100 do you know how much money that would be, a whole lot."

Both the bar and animal shelter say they've already seen people step up to help.

If you're looking to be a foster home for a dog, you can head to King's Harvest Pet Rescue, 2504 West Central Park in Davenport, to fill out an application.