Quad Cities Red Cross volunteers head to Texas to help victims of Hurricane Harvey

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MOLINE, Illinois-- As of Sunday morning, 27 Red Cross volunteers from Central and Southern Illinois have been sent to Texas to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey, with promises of more help to come throughout the week.

Eight of those volunteers are from the Quad Cities and West Central Illinois Red Cross Chapter.

“Well, I have no doubt that if we had an emergency in the Quad Cities that they would come help us," says Liz Hungerford from Moline.

Hungerford was on vacation with her family in Michigan when she got the call that she would be deployed to Texas.

“It is a sacrifice because our families will have to do without us... we’re doing so much more to help the people and we get a wonderful feeling from helping...,” says Hungerford.

A dedicated Red Cross volunteer since Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Hungerford decided to answer the call for help and is cutting her trip short.

In Iowa, an additional 20 Red Cross Volunteers are either in Texas as of Sunday night or  soon will be.

"The Red Cross is here during the immediate....we are working with the urgent disaster cause needs. Once the storm has passed we will continue to make sure there is a safe place for sheltering and feeding, as well as emotional and health support," says Amber Wood, executive director or the Quad Cities and West Central Illinois Chapter.

The organization has enough shelter supplies to support 28,000 people as well as supplies to help the additional 22,000 people expected to find refuge in the coming days.

Wood says the best way for people here at home to get involved is to donate money to the local Red Cross Chapter. This helps with travel expenses and the cost of more food and shelter supplies.

The average cost to send Red Cross Volunteers from the Quad Cities and West Central Illinois Chapter to Texas is $1,650.

To donate you can either text HARVEY to 90999, call 1 (800) Red Cross, or go to their website.