Major street closures in Moline start today

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MOLINE, Illinois—A quick drive down 19th Street between 12th and 7th Avenue in Moline and you’ll see the tools construction crews left behind to get ready for the next step of the new I-74 Bridge project.

Starting Monday, August 28, that section will be off limits to drivers. Commuters can also expect daily lane closures on 7th Avenue between 18th and 23rd street.

These changes will kick off the process of roadway improvements and ramp additions by 19th Street and 7th Avenue.

Families who live in the area say they still have a few questions.

“I wonder how I’m going to get access to my house and how I’m going to transport my kids to school every day and it makes me very worried,” says Ariana Robledo, mother of six.

She, like a lot of her neighbors will have to find somewhere else to park during the time of construction.

With months of work ahead it’s already a headache for homeowners and drivers alike.

“I don’t know what they have planned, I can’t see where the bridge is going to (be),” says driver and biker, Ruth Fiedler.

Still, Fiedler says it’s work that still needs to be done.

“Nobody likes going across that bridge, it scares a lot of people,” says Fiedler.

Work along 19th Street and 7th Avenue is expected to wrap up in early December. Construction on the new bridge is expected to continue over the next three and a half years.