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Foul ball swiped from teen’s hand at White Sox game

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CHICAGO -- The White Sox did their best to turn a wrong into a right after a teenage fan had his foul ball swiped right out of his hands.

While attending the White Sox game Monday, August 21st, 15-year-old Ryan Baker caught a foul ball, according to a report by WGN.  But the joy was suddenly pried away as a woman pulled the ball from his hand.

"She pries my fingers, takes the ball and says it's her ball because it almost hit her," Ryan said. "I was in disbelief.

As the incident unfolded on TV, announcers were surprised by the action; one commenting "Oh my."

In response to what happened, Ryan got the all-star treatment from the White Sox. He met the team, sat behind home plate, hung out in the media booth and even got a new ball that was signed.