Blind Iowa runner joins high school cross country team

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DUBUQUE, Iowa-- A blind high school student is not letting her disability slow her down, or stop her from going the distance.

Wendy Flores is a senior at Dubuque High School. This year, she decided to join her school's cross country team, but she doesn't want any special treatment.

"I am the same person," Flores explains. "I am just blind. I like to run. Those are my hobbies that I want to do."

And she's good at it!

Wendy's coach, Corrie DeMuth says Wendy can run just as well as any of the other girls can. She runs beside Wendy to train. The two stay connected with a guide rope.

DeMuth's acting as Wendy's eyes. But it's Wendy's legs, determination, and heart that get her through the runs.

"Sometimes I'm like, 'Oh, I got this,'" Flores says. "Sometimes I just want to give up, but I still run."

And she's certainly an inspiration.

"When I have children, I could say, 'You should go out for cross country because that's what I did.'"

According to high school rules, during meets, Wendy's coach can't be tied to her. But she still plans to run alongside her, so she can tell Wendy what's happening around her.


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