Hurricane Harvey’s worst-case scenario “could be disastrous.”

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Tropical Storm Harvey is gaining strength in the Gulf of Mexico with Hurricane Warnings now in effect for parts of the Texas coast. Ominous computer forecasts show Harvey stalling out as it moves into the state, possibly dumping 10-20 inches of rainfall over this upcoming weekend. In a worse-case scenario, up to 25 inches may fall. If that occurs, especially around the densely-populated Houston metro, it could be disastrous. New forecasts show Harvey becoming a Category 3 hurricane by landfall. That would make this storm the strongest to hit the United States since Wilma hit Florida in 2005!

In 2001, Tropical Storm Allison came ashore in almost the same spot where Harvey is forecast to strike. That storm brought up to 30 inches of rainfall, inundating much of the Houston area causing more than $8 Billion in damage. More than 70,000 homes were flooded, thousands were completely destroyed. In addition to the water-inundation, 23 people died in that state.

The forecast track for Harvey has the storm stalling out over the coast...very eerie to what happened with Tropical Storm Allison.

Here are a few images from 2001 when Houston went underwater.

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