If a tropical storm brings us rain, chances are it will come from Texas

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Good morning! Glad to be back on the hot seat today. All eyes will be on the tropical Gulf of Mexico today as a regeneration of Tropical Storm Harvey is expected.

The storm weakened as it moved into the Yucatan Peninsula over the past few days, but very warm, 85+ degree water in the Gulf should allow this to re-intensify again. Computer guidance (above) shows a storm or hurricane coming ashore along the Texas coast by this weekend, anywhere from Corpus Christi through Houston-Galveston, and up to Beaumont.


Anytime a storm affects Texas, it increases our chance of seeing remnant rains as upper level winds can push the moisture and low pressure northward into Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Missouri. However, this go-around, what is likely to become Harvey will move very slowly along the I-10 corridor into Louisiana. This is a very bad scenario for these areas as multi-day rains could reach into the 1-2 foot range! To put that in perspective, that's more rain than the Quad Cities usually receives in about 8-9 months!

-Meteorologist Eric Sorensen