Money for injured boy stolen from Tug Fest is anonymously returned

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LECLAIRE, Iowa -- A bag of fundraiser money that event organizers say was stolen at Tug Fest has been returned. And as promised, there were "no questions asked."

The money was being raised for the family of five-year-old Cooper Drudge, who is recovering from injuries he sustained when he fell out of a two-story window.

On Saturday evening, August 12th, that money went missing, according to a Facebook post written by Tug Fest President Kari Long.

In the post, Long wrote that someone had walked up to the merchandise table on the levee and stole the money, which was being held in a plastic Zip-lock bag.  Along with the money, the bag contained "Cooperstrong" bracelets.

"If you are the person who took the bag, please return it to us... no questions asked," she wrote in the Facebook post.

Monday evening, August 21st, Long posted again, but this time a happier note about something interesting that showed up in the mail.

Long explained that among the Tug Fest mail she gathered from the post office was a package.

"Hmmm... what could this be??" she wrote. "Well, take a look at what I found when I opened the package... all I can say is WOW! The original bracelet bag... and MONEY! No return address... no clues as to the sender but true to my word, NO questions asked!"

To the person who returned the money, Long says "Thank you... You will never know how much Cooper's family needs this!"