Davenport’s historic Junior Theater gets facelift after more than 30 years

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DAVENPORT-- Everyone has a story. Cynthia Safford's started here at Davenport's Junior Theater.

"I remember walking in and just being like, this is awesome. I was seven years old, that's when I started," says Safford.

She was a junior actress back then. Now she's a theater director.

But walking into the seemingly familiar doors now still feels familiar, but it looks completely different.

"I'll always remember the theater as it was, orange seats and red curtains, you're never going to forget that," says Safford.

This place is seemingly empty now, but it has a story too.

After more than 30 years, some much needed improvements are underway.

"Our hope is they walk in the door and go right, this is even more of what Junior Theater is. It feels like a furtherance of what we do and why we do it," says Junior Theater's Artistic Director Daniel Sheridan.

A fresh new coat of paint, all new flooring, and audience seating with improved handicap accessibility are top priorities, and eventually bigger bathrooms as well.

"The next time we'll have to do this all again will be our 100 year anniversary," says Sheridan.

The renovations were made possible by more than $150,000 in donation from the community.

"My biggest hope is that future students get that feeling of home, that feeling of being brave and bold and being who they truly are," says Safford.

Renovations started August 20, and they are expected to be finished at the end of September.