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Trudy Appleby’s dad to main witness in disappearance case; ‘I’m calling you out’

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EAST MOLINE-- As people come to light a candle to honor a girl who disappeared 21 years ago, new light shines on the case of just what happened to Trudy Appleby.

After more than two decades, Moline detectives released the name of a man they say was last seen with the 11-year-old alive, William "Ed" Smith. Smith died back in 2014.

After releasing the name, police say they've received many 'good tips,' information they have never heard before that seems relevant to the case. They hope these tips and more will help close the case.

Police also gave the name of a witness who saw Smith with Trudy, the prime suspect's son-in-law and neighbor, David Whipple.

"Now Mr. Whipple, you've gone on record saying you've seen Trudy on the island, and you saw her in a car with Mr. Ed Smith. You say you don't know anything else, and I find that really hard to believe," says Trudy's father Dennis Appleby.

Last Friday Whipple talked with News 8's Chris Minor exclusively about what he saw the day Trudy went missing.

"I would love to give Dennis his answers. I know what I saw, I told what I saw, and everybody thinks I know more, and I don't," says Whipple.

Dennis Appleby isn't buying it.

"You saw you don't know anything else, and I find that really hard to believe. You lived across the street, you were thick as thieves," says Appleby.

Find Dennis Appleby's raw speech below.