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Starting kindergarten isn’t easy, but knowing a few things can help

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ROCK ISLAND -- The first day of school can be nerve wracking.

"It's just hard dropping off your kid the first day because it's always a scary thing," said Brinn Bell. "You just have to be positive."

All parents just want the best for their kids, and kindergartners will learn social skills all while taking in the basics.

"They come in not knowing how to write their name or any of their letters or numbers," said teacher Melissa Messerschmidt.

She says kids should know a few things before starting kindergarten:

  • how to write their name
  • be able to recognize upper and lower case letters
  • say the alphabet
  • know 100 sight words

Messerschmidt says it's never too early for parents to start teaching their kids.

"If they take their kids on a walk, to the park and work on counting, colors. You can even sing the alphabet as your walking," she said.

By building a strong foundation, to shape kids into the best learners they can be.