Davenport superintendent still under investigation by the state of Iowa

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DAVENPORT-- Iowa's Board of Education Examiners are still investigating whether or not to take away Davenport's Superintendent Dr. Art Tate's license.

Last year Tate made the decision to illegally dip into state funding reserves because he says how the state finds education puts Davenport students at a disadvantage.

School board members say they expected the decision to be made in June, so now they head into the school year, just one week away, with uncertainty for the future.

Not only uncertainty for Superintendent Tate, but also for all school board members who unanimously backed Tate's decision and could all be impeached.

And now elections for three new board members is less than a month away.

Five Davenport school board candidates are vying for three open seats.

The main issue at Thursday night's community candidate forum was funding equality in schools.

School board member Rich Clewell is already in the thick of the ongoing funding fight between the state of Iowa and Davenport school leaders. He knows what's at stake for these candidates who want to join the board.

"There's a possibility the school board could be impeached which, for these folks that are running tonight, that has got to be an issue," says Clewell.

The state is investigating if Tate and its entire school board could face disciplinary actions, even impeachment, for illegally dipping into state reserved funds to make sure money spent on Davenport students matched others in the state.

All five candidates say, if elected, they would support Tate's decision.

They not only support him, but they say they vow to continue on the road to equality no matter the risk.

"What's happening is you've got five candidates running who are willing to take that risk not knowing what might happen to them," says Clewell.

The school board election is on September 12.

A sixth candidate is running but missed the forum tonight. His name is Rodney Blackwell.

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