Davenport pop-up shows giving people a glimpse of the bigger festival to come

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DAVENPORT -  Tonight was a preview of a bigger show to come next weekend in Davenport.

It was the first of four pop up shows leading up to the Alternating Current Festival.

The two-day festival will be the first of its kind in downtown Davenport.  It will have more than 100 performances, acts, and screenings in 16 different venues to give people a variety of art to enjoy.

"We have you know a lot of people who are doing handmade type of things crafted, we have a lot of comedians, we have you know film makers. We have all kinds of things going on here in the Quad Cities, we`d like to be able to celebrate all of those things other than just music," said Jason Gilliland, Director of Events for Downtown Davenport Partnership.

Here's a line up of pop up shows that are happening:

Aug 18th- Lewis Knudsen band at 5 p.m at RME.

Aug 21- Two bands will be playing across the street from Great River Brewery at 6 p.m.

Aug 22- The movie The Magic Sword will be played at Kilkenny's at 8 p.m.

For the Alternating Currents Festival, there are two tickets associated with it. One ticket people would have to purchase is the Ben Folds concert Saturday night at the Alder Theatre. The second ticket people can purchase is a $15 that gets them priority access into three music venues. The rest of the venues are free for the weekend.

Here's the schedule for 25th and 26th:

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