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TMK IPSCO plant reopens in Camanche after two-year shutdown

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CAMANCHE, Iowa -- Production has begun once again at the TMK IPSCO plant in Camanche, bringing more than 100 jobs to the area.

The plant, which manufactures pipes for the oil and gas industry, was idled in 2015.

Company chairman Piotr Galitzine said increasing demand for TMK IPSCO products led to the re-start.

"It's marvelous. You know, we just came out of the worst downturn this sector has ever known, the worst downturn in the history of oil and gas worldwide," said Galitzine.

As of June 21st, all of the plant's production lines were fully operational once again.

So far, 101 people have been hired at the facility. Plant leaders said most of the hires were previous employees who decided to return.

"This is a good paying job, and everybody, the people that they called back, were like, 'Heck yeah, we'll come back, and we'll come back in a minute.' They know the work, and it's great work. The pay is great. So, we're all doing very well," said Randy Long, yard team leader.

Galitzine said average salaries range from $70,000 to $100,000 across the company